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Media Library, Inc. has been providing broadcast monitoring services for over 25 years. Offering coverage of 200+ local news markets as well as national networks, cable networks, and some radio programing, Media Library provides comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

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News on Demand

This all-in-one platform helps professionals thoroughly track their organization's media presence and evaluate the results of media relations efforts through a single online dashboard.


  • 24 hour access to media coverage from any Internet connection
  • 24 hour access to media coverage from any Internet connection
  • Daily media hit reports of broadcast monitoring
  • Platform supports monitoring of broadcast television, radio, Internet news, and social media
  • Optional flash files to preview broadcast news segments


  • Track Nielsen ratings, publicity values, ad values, market rank, audience, and more
  • Analyze coverage by city, state, market, station, date, and more
  • Generate reports, graphs, and charts for easy analysis


  • Order and store professionally edited video/audio segments easily
  • Create custom folders to organize news segments, text summaries and media reports
  • Media Archive feature provides storage of important clips and stories for easy access
  • Optional Public Newsroom feature allows news hits to be shared electronically with co-workers, clients, and other audiences
  • Download stored news segments as needed

Check out the News on Demand demo video here.

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Keep abreast of your news throughout the days with scheduled or instant e-mail notification when your stories air.

Save your news coverage while saving money.

News Segments

Media Library makes archiving news coverage affordable with professionally edited television and radio news segments at a competitive price--delivered on DVD or sent electronically; available in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

Clip package pricing available for increased savings. Contact Media Library for pricing.

Available Formats:

  • MPEG1, MPEG2, MP3, Windows Media, Quicktime, MPEG4 (H.264), CD, DVD, flash video
  • Transcripts
  • New!  Self-Service option allows clients to clip and save their own news stories. Call for pricing.